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LIFT PhD Service Offerings

LIFT PhD provides a variety of ways for your organization to get the help, guidance and assistance it needs.


LIFT conversations are calls of 60 minutes or less on a particular topic with a professor. The calls are designed to help your team in short bursts – learning, testing hypotheses, getting advice and feedback, or simply seeking outside perspective. Submit a request, get matched to a few professors, and select one or more to talk with – conversations are that easy.


Consulting engagements involve dedicated time and help from a LIFT professor to assist your company with a challenge it faces. Consulting might entail several days of research and data analysis, review and feedback on corporate materials, audits and recommendations of company practices, or facilitated decision-making sessions. Consulting engagements begin with one or more conversations, but also rely on custom proposals to help you address a specific objective or challenge.

icon-services_workshopsExecutive Education & Workshops

These learning events range from less than a day to multiple days, and can be either custom designed or come from an existing catalog of workshops – it all depends on your needs. LIFT PhD professors are expert in designing curriculum to satisfy your goals. They are also expert at making concepts come alive via interaction and application – often directly to your business. The potential for learning is both broad and deep with LIFT PhD, providing your team a tremendous opportunity for capability development. See all the workshops we offer here.

icon-services_webinarsCustom Webinars

Unlike the vast numbers of free webinars whose primary purpose is selling, our customized webinars are built for your team’s specific needs. Our webinars are up to 90 minutes in length (including the Q&A) and are designed and delivered by an expert in the field – a PhD whose sole purpose is centered on teaching business leaders. As with consulting and executive education, LIFT PhD helps match your challenge to a specific professor. You get the content you need, delivered by an expert with no fluff, and all in a very efficient way for teaching large segments of your organization.


Engage LIFT PhD

We make it easy to enjoy the benefits of working with world class experts. If you need some quick help on a particular business challenge, engage LIFT for an Individual Challenge. Looking to raise the performance of the organization across the board – try the LIFT Subscription.

Individual Challenge

Want to try the LIFT network before becoming a subscriber? No problem. Our individual package is designed to match you up with a professor to work with you on a consulting or executive education engagement. No subscription is needed – just call us and we will get you



With a LIFT subscription you and your team have ready access to the full breadth of the LIFT PhD network – providing easy access to experts on a myriad of topics. A LIFT subscription is for those organizations that have growth and employee development as key components of their business strategy.

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Free Trial

LIFT makes it easy to try our service. Let us match you with a couple of our professors and you’ll get to explore options for how a challenge you are facing can be addressed.

The matching and calls are on us – no cost, FREE, zilch (normally $495). What you gain from the calls is all upside!

After connecting with one of our professors, we are confident that you will see the value of subscribing to the LIFT network where your team has ready access to LIFT professors for conversations, workshops, executive education and consulting.


LIFT Service Advantage

LIFT PhD provides easy access to a nationwide network of talented professors. We do the hard work of ensuring the right quality and mix of professors within the network, and our matching process ensures that companies can quickly find the expertise they desire. But that’s just the beginning.

Our goal is to make working together better! This means that we support each engagement with a rich combination of technology, templates, and the LIFT PhD team to remove hassle and enhance the experience of working with a professor.

And we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the quality of your interactions with LIFT PhD professors or we’ll refund or credit the cost of any unsatisfactory calls. It’s that simple.