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LIFT makes it easy to try our service. Let us match you with a couple of our professors and you’ll get to explore options for how a challenge you are facing can be addressed.

The matching and calls are on us – no cost, FREE, zilch (normally $495). What you gain from the calls is all upside!

After connecting with one of our professors, we are confident that you will see the value of subscribing to the LIFT network where your team has ready access to LIFT professors for conversations, workshops, executive education and consulting.

Consulting or Executive Education Match

Ways to Engage the LIFT Network.

Single engagement – Want to try the LIFT network before becoming a subscriber? No problem. Our individual package is designed to match you up with a professor to work with you on a consulting or executive education engagement. No subscription is needed – just call us and we will get you started.
Insight 10
The Insight 10 subscription is geared to teams who value outside perspective and cutting edge thinking, but are just getting started with engaging outside help and expertise. This limited subscription provides adequate conversation and consulting access for a team to get the help they need as they begin to access and leverage outside thinking and perspective.
Decision 25
The Decision 25 subscription is designed for larger teams that are already comfortable accessing and leveraging outside thought and perspective as they make important decisions. This subscription level provides more conversations and customized webinars to provide deeper knowledge on particular team or market challenges. Decision 25 is geared to teams who face complex market challenges on a variety of topics that will benefit from consulting and executive education with LIFT PhD professors.
System 40
System 40 is geared to senior leaders who understand the value of outside perspective and want their entire team to benefit from the model. This premier subscription provides ample opportunities for your employees to gain perspective and advice, engage professors on projects, and develop capabilities via executive education or through online webinars. This subscription is more than just increased access (conversations); it also provides the highest consulting and executive education discount making it the most economical for large teams.
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