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The Power of the
LIFT PhD Network

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LIFT PhD Has Hundreds of Talented Business Professors Who Are Ready to Help.

A professor is the perfect choice when you have a focused challenge that requires deep domain expertise. Of course, the breadth of the LIFT PhD network means that we can help with hundreds of distinct types of focused challenges.

And when it comes to conducting sophisticated research and analyses to make evidence-based decisions, professors have no equal. There are insights a professor can provide to optimize what you do that most of us don’t even know are possible.

The best decisions are the ones that are tested and challenged. As industry outsiders, professors bring a unique perspective and interesting questions that challenge business as usual. In fact, professors are among the best in the business when it comes to thinking through challenging problems and offering a custom plan-of-attack. It’s what they do!

icon-leadersLIFT – Designed for Leaders

Great business leaders are not content with the status quo. Rather, they challenge it. They value new ways of doing things. And they seek knowledge wherever they can find it and help those they lead to do the same. As President John F. Kennedy said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

LIFT PhD is a powerful resource to today’s leaders. Learn below how the LIFT network helps executives to excel in five characteristics of exceptional leaders. (hover over each picture)

Do you take risks and challenge convention in order to be better?

LIFT PhD professors bring unique perspective to company decisions.

Do you always strive to find new ways to make the company better?

LIFT PhD professors share new models and insights that provide a competitive edge.

Do you build networks, link ideas and reach beyond company boundaries to get things done?

LIFT PhD professors offer expertise that extends your company’s capabilities.

Do you seek cutting-edge thinking in order to improve how things are done?

LIFT PhD professors apply their deep domain expertise and sophisticated research to address company challenges.

Do you appreciate the importance of developing your team’s skills for future success?

LIFT PhD professors help companies to develop people and build capabilities, not just gain insights.